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Management System

The main core module built for easily processing and handling your work process, Orders module is working on both sides the Brand / system admin users levels Brands can create orders by two ways


Users / brands module is one of our core modules of shiprex, the module is the main entry point for system use the system is configured for protected dashboard by users guard for all system


Invoices module are the financial end point of the system flow the module which handel all of the system payments for COD’s and company fees and brands payouts,


This module is one of the best features of the system for couriers with multiple clients/ brands and each client are shipping for different zones at different prices .

Use status colors to easily recognize order status

How does Order Processing Working ?

Assign to driver

Bulk Action Feature

This feature allows you to do every important operation at a light speed, assigning to drivers and changing status has never been as fast as it is right now! 

  1. Print All Selected.
  2. Assign selected to Driver.
  3. Bulk change status.

and MORE! 

Searching / Filtering Features

Orders Dashboard provide you with an easy way to allocate any orders from your backend by many features as the best value for easy tracking any inquiries by your clients such as :

1- Date Range selectors.
2- Search by barcode / Orders id.
3- Filter engine.

Multiple Language

ٍShipprex system is provided with multi-language versions for your use, right now you cant select just one language to support all of your clients, that’s why we provide the best shipping system for you in many languages format,


Stop making choices, choose the language of your system right away!


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What We Offer

Managed IT Services for Shipping Industries

As our mission to help all shipping companies in all tires of receiving and providing the best customer oriented and business compatible solutions for logistics and shipping companies to operate in ease with all features that fits your company needs

1- Easy hosting

Don't try to hassle out for a good hosting service and leave it to our experts .

2- Feature Growth

our system provides updates and enhancements also with bug fixes on frequent base so you have a new stuff every month for your business.

3- Affordable Prices

our pricing module keep all company tier in mind from start-ups to large enterprises we have the right plan to you .

4- Security and SSL

We take security seriously with data encryption to secure your connections to the system we take care of your end to end security.

5- Dashboard to all parties in the process

we have taken care of all the parties in the solution by providing our customers a Courier dashboard and Seller's one as well

6-Reports and accountants

At the end of the day you want an easy way to track all of your system parts and check for reports and profits from easy to manage pages .

Shipprex system is the best system for, Lightweight shipping companies, overseas shipping companies, fleet monitoring, plant ordering management, orders management and shipping, bulk shipping and containers, logistics management, parcel tracking, and more….

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