Shiprex ERP integrates with various ecommerce platforms and business tools to provide a seamless experience. We offer API integrations as well as pre-built integrations with major ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and Magento.


For WooCommerce store owners, the Shiprex ERP-WooCommerce integration app allows you to seamlessly connect your store with your Shiprex ERP account. With this integration, you can:

• Sync your WooCommerce products with Shiprex ERP. Product details like name, SKU, price, inventory levels are shared across systems.

• Share WooCommerce orders with Shiprex ERP. Order info such as customer detailsproduct names, quantities and shipping address are synced automatically.

• Updates to inventory levels made on Shiprex ERP are reflected in your WooCommerce store in real-time. Out-of-stock products are also hidden from your store until inventory is replenished.

• Shipping tracking information from Shiprex ERP is displayed on the WooCommerce order details page. Your customers can conveniently check the status of their orders without contacting you.

• Customer details entered on either WooCommerce or Shiprex ERP are shared across both systems. Details include names, email, billing and shipping addresses.

• Save time by managing all parts of your business from one platform. No longer switch between systems to access customer data, print invoices or purchase shipping labels.

Benefits of the Integration:

• Increased efficiency by eliminating double data entry
• Better customer experience with up-to-date order tracking info
• Tighter inventory control across systems to prevent overselling
• More organized and centralized business operations

The Shiprex ERP-WooCommerce integration app is available for download on the WooCommerce Marketplace. Installation only takes a few minutes to set up. Please contact our support team at if you need any assistance with the integration or have additional questions.

Streamline your business today by connecting your WooCommerce store with your Shiprex ERP account!


The Shiprex ERP-Shopify integration allows Shopify merchants to seamlessly connect their store with their Shiprex ERP account. With this integration, you can:

• Sync all your Shopify products with Shiprex ERPProduct details including name, SKU, price, inventory levels are automatically shared between systems.

• Send Shopify orders to Shiprex ERP. Information such as customer detailsproduct names, quantities and shipping address for each order are instantly synced.

• Inventory updates made on Shiprex ERP are reflected in your Shopify store in real-time. Out-of-stock products also become unavailable in your store until inventory is replenished.

• Share tracking information for orders with your customers. Details on the shipping provider, tracking number and status of each order are displayed on the order details page in your Shopify store.

• Customer information is shared across Shopify and Shiprex ERP. Names, emails, billing and shipping addresses added on either system are automatically synced.

• Manage all areas of your business from one platform. No longer access multiple systems to check inventory, print invoices, purchase shipping labels or view reports.

Benefits of the Integration:

• Save time by eliminating double data entry
• Improved customer experience with convenient order tracking
• Better inventory accuracy to prevent overselling
• Simplified business processes through centralized data

The Shiprex ERP-Shopify integration app is available on the Shopify App Store. Installation only takes a few minutes to complete. Please contact our support team at [email] for any help with the integration or if you have additional questions.

Sync your Shopify store with Shiprex ERP today to streamline your business and unlock greater efficiency!

API Integrations



Shiprex ERP offers a robust API that enables seamless integrations with third-party systems. Our API uses RESTful architecture and supports both XML and JSON data formats.


Using our API, companies can integrate with Shiprex ERP to share information like customers, products, orders, inventory, and shipping data between systems. Some examples of systems that can integrate with our API include:


• Shipping Carriers – Share tracking information and shipping labels
• Payment Gateways – Process payments and share transaction details
• CRMs – Share customer and order details
• Accounting Software – Sync invoice and payment details


We have API endpoints available for the following data:


Endpoints Description
/customers Access customer details like name, email, billing/shipping address
/products Access product info including name, SKU, price, inventory
/orders Access order details like customer info, product names/qty, shipping, etc.
/invoices Get invoice info including order details, payment status, total due etc.
/inventory Update and monitor product inventory levels
/shipping Get shipping label data and share tracking information


To get started with the Shiprex ERP API, visit our API documentation portal at [link]. There you can:


• Explore the full list of available endpoints.
• View sample requests and responses.
• Get your API keys to start making requests.
• See code examples to integrate with your preferred programming language.


Please contact our Integration Specialists at [] for any questions on how to integrate with the Shiprex ERP API. We look forward to connecting your business systems to streamline your operations!

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