The advantages of shipping software and how it helps you in your work

There are many challenges facing shipping and logistics companies at the present time, and perhaps the most important of these challenges is choosing a system or program for shipping companies through which orders can be organized and delivered at the appropriate time and in the best possible way. Therefore, despite the availability of many shipping companies system programs, they are Not all of them are effective in managing shipping companies.
Through the Shiprex program, you will be able to easily create orders through an easy and flexible control panel. You can also follow orders from the moment they are received until the moment of delivery to the customer. The program has many other features that make the shipping management system more flexible, including the ability to set a custom price for shipping based on on the geographical location or customer.
Features of the shipping and delivery companies management program
Shiprex includes all the features that you will need in your shipping company system, including ease of use and flexibility in registering and following up orders, in addition to providing smoothness and ease in determining shipping prices, distributing orders to delegates, and ensuring maximum speed of delivery of shipments to all cities and geographical locations, Here are the most important features that Shiprex has, which will greatly benefit you in your work:
Creating orders: Through the simple and organized control panel, you can start creating your orders easily, and you can specify their exact details, for example, you can specify the shipping cost as well as the cost of excess weight for each shipment, in addition to the delivery area or the exact geographical location, as well as the date and time Access and more other data that is important to orders, which helps you organize and manage that data effectively.
Tracking orders until delivery: Since the process of tracking orders is extremely important for shipping companies as well as for customers as well, Shiprex provides you with a comprehensive system to track all your orders, moment by moment, starting from receiving the order from the customer and registering it on the program until handing over the shipment to the customer and receiving money. Meanwhile, you will be able to know the status of each request and its movements, with the time and date, and very accurately.
Collecting money: The shipping company management program allows you to collect money from customers very accurately, including receiving money, paying commission or delegate salaries, and sending merchants’ dues within a very short time, which provides you with speed and security in paying dues first-hand, via Invoices module available in the program.
Defining regions: The delivery company management program also contains a section for geographical regions (regions). In this section, you can manage shipping costs for each region very accurately, depending on the estimated distance and time of delivery. It also helps you determine an itinerary for each representative in order to distribute Orders are placed appropriately on various delegates, which guarantees you speed and smooth delivery of shipments to any location.
How does the shipping companies system work?
The shipping companies system works in four consecutive steps, which start from adding your orders to the system, after which these requests are processed in order to determine their exact details, and in the next step, the delivery representative is appointed according to the geographical location for delivery, and in the end the shipment is delivered and the amount is received in order Pay the necessary dues and all that data is recorded in the shipping and delivery companies management program in a detailed and easy-to-use manner.
Fortunately, the Shiprex shipping management program allows you to follow all the details of orders through the professional reports that are created in your control panel, which provide you with statistics about the number of orders and their status, the balances of merchants, delegates, customers, and a lot of other data that will help you manage the shipping system. professionally and make the right decisions regarding system development and improvement.
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