Invoices module are the financial end point of the system flow the module which handel all of the system payments for COD’s and company fees and brands payouts, the module show the history of each brand invoices and money collected and payment for all the brands and the courier profites / fees, also the module do provide an easy to follow dashboard for the brand to monitor their money and financial data with the ability to export all of the invoices for print and other excel handling processing by the brand / courier

How Invoices Module works

Invoices Module working just after any orders are updated for an collected statues or terminated one, the module then calculates any new invoices orders to the current open invoices for this client and then set this payments as pending till system admin clear the brand user balance to close the open invoice per week / day / or any time frame the carouire want.

All the collected COD’s are now set for processing with the fees calculations to separate the courier total fees amount / brand cutoff
All the closed invoices are shown within the clients invoices dashboard and user balance within the system admin dashboard. Invoices module are security proof for handling any collected orders which cant be manipulated even by system admin or the brand clients Transactions are verified in many places such as the transactions list / orders list / and invoices records for security purposes.

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