Users/ Brands Module

Users / brands module is one of our core modules of shiprex, the module is the main entry point for system use the system is configured for protected dashboard by users guard for all system access by 2 main users groups / roles admin / clients The users module do have the ability to configure any number of users roles / permissions such as CRM / accountant and any other users groups to allow easily configurations.

Main Module features :

The Users Module contain many features for processing users access to the system and users groups to have their permissions such as the following
Main Module features :

1- Brand registration
2- Brand login
3- Brand forget password
4- Brand edit profile
5- Users creation from admin panel
6- Users edit
7- User report
8- Creation of users groups
9- Assign permissions for users groups
10- Assign menu for group role
11- Allow disallow function for any group
12- Most active users on the system
13- User actions log for security logger
14- Active user email notifications
15- User notifications
16- Suspend the user form system access / re enable user

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